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My training services provide your people with an interactive and experiential learning experience and the knowledge and skills needed to achieve your organisational goals. I am a qualified teacher (BEd Hons), and trainer (CIPD Diploma in Training Management) as well as a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy. 


To identify both organisational and individual strengths and development opportunities I provide a diagnostic service to help you identify the needs of your team. 


Once we have agreed on the areas of focus, I design and present back a bespoke training plan, working with you to ensure as much emphasis upon real-world relevance as possible. Popular training topics include:

  • How to Teach/Train Online

  • Giving & Receiving Feedback

  • Presentation Skills

  • Team Building

  • Personal Resilience 

  • Dealing with Change

  • Customer Service

  • Leadership & Management Development

  • Supervisory skills

  • Wellbeing and Stress Management

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