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Reconnect and Grow Session

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We run fun and interactive workshops to bring staff/students who have been unable to meet due to Covid-19 back together in the same space. The sessions build involvement and feelings of connection and belonging. In these sessions staff/students participate in practical activities designed to uplift them and re-establish a sense of togetherness.

Wooden Drum

These sessions are run at your premises by an Instructor Member of the Tai Chi Union for Great Britain and experienced musicians. With participation and fun at the heart of the activities, everyone is bound to feel invigorated afterwards. We use Qigong movements - which are similar to Tai Chi - to create a space full of tranquility and calmness.Then we use participative rhythms and group sound making to invite everyone to belong to the group. We reflect on the power of listening and participation. We make parallels between the involvement in the session and the way groups work best at work. Please get in touch to discuss this unique combination of feeling good and feeling part of something.


Here is some feedback comments from happy participants:

  • Such wonderful energy and so welcoming and friendly. I enjoyed the session from beginning to end and the time flew by.

  • The  rhythm work, Qigong, singing, lyrics writing were great fun and these sessions really help you feel connected with your peers.

  • I felt warmly welcomed by Marcus and Jim, and the session felt relaxed, inclusive, and any nerves were quickly put to one side.

  • Marcus and Jim are the best! Together they have an excellent combination of goofy crazy, friendliness and expertise.

  • A great session, the organisers made me feel welcome and at ease from the start. They helped me unleash my inner creativity

  • It was great that we worked up gradually by the warm-up and movement exercises and with the singing, it meant that I felt comfortable participating.  I was also glad we didn't have to say why we'd come and what we wanted from the session, and we got to know each other by working along side each other.  It was great fun, I really enjoyed stepping out of the usual working day to do this. Thank you very much.

  • It was a great session, they were all really welcoming and clear into the development of the activities.

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